Pitch Fest


Calling all Screenwriters and Authors!

Are you ready to showcase your storytelling prowess and take your project to the next level? Join us for an electrifying opportunity at Black Writers Weekend's Pitch Pit!

We're seeking passionate screenwriters to pitch compelling concepts for series or films, and authors who want to submit their books to agents and publishers, all in person, in front of a panel of esteemed judges comprised of filmmakers, producers, directors, agents, and publishers.

Here's What We're Looking For:

Concept Sheet: Present us with a detailed overview of your project or book. Take us on a journey through your story, characters, and the world you've created. Log Line: Craft a captivating log line that encapsulates the essence of your project or book in a single sentence. Make us eager to learn more!

Why should you participate?

At Black Writers Weekend, we celebrate diverse voices and narratives. We provide a platform for emerging and established talents to shine. By participating in Pitch Pit, you'll have the opportunity to:

Showcase your creativity to a diverse audience of industry professionals. Receive valuable feedback and guidance from seasoned mentors. Connect with fellow creatives, potential collaborators, agents, and publishers.

Your project deserves to be seen and heard. Don't miss this chance to elevate your work and make your mark in the world of storytelling.

Submit your pitch today and get ready to bring your vision to life at Black Writers Weekend's Pitch Pit!

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Please submit a one page pitch of your project. We don’t need (or really want) to know every twist and turn of your plot – your description should simply expand on the plot and characters, and an idea of where the story is going. Definitely don’t feel as though you have to use up all of the 1,500 word limit. Also include some comparisons of books or films that will give an idea of what your project is about.