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Black Writers Weekend is an annual event created to celebrate and honor black literary creatives in publishing and film. Founded by Tamika Newhouse, the weekend brings together black literary creatives and opportunities that will advance their careers. Powered by AAMBC Inc., the organization focuses on new and emerging voices in literature and fuses them with established creatives in film, television, and publishing.
First established in 2008 as an award show called the AAMBC Awards, it is now a three-day weekend. Attendees will enjoy panels, workshops, author signings, our celebratory book bash, movie screenings, and the formal awards gala positioned as the weekend's highlight. This weekend was designed specifically for readers and writers of all genres, genders, and ages," Newhouse says. "We wanted this to be a true celebration of literary achievement in every area imaginable."

Since its inception in 2008, the festival has been held in several locations. Baltimore, Chicago, San Antonio, and finally found a home in Atlanta in 2014. The festival is the nation's only entertainment award show and gathering for black creatives in publishing, film, and TV enthusiasts, with approximately 1,500 attendees. The 15th annual Black Writers Weekend returns in the Summer of 2023.