Tamika Jamison

Atlanta, GA — AAMBC (African Americans on the Move Book Club) has been selected as the recipient of the Year of the Youth Grant presented by Mayor Andre Dickens and the City of Atlanta. The grant recognizes AAMBC’s youth program, founded by Tamika Newhouse, which aims to build self-esteem and literacy among Fulton County youth through creative writing.

The Year of the Youth Grant is an award that is given to an organization that provides services to youth in Atlanta. AAMBC was selected based on its outstanding work in promoting youth literacy and self-confidence through creative writing. Tamika Newhouse, the founder of AAMBC, expressed her gratitude for the recognition, stating, “We are honored to receive this grant, and we are committed to continuing our efforts to support the youth in our community and amplify Black stories and story-telling.”


AAMBC’s youth program has been instrumental in improving the enjoyment of reading among African Americans for over 15 years and has celebrated literary legends through its formal award show, the AAMBC Awards. Recently the organization opened a literary house called, Lit Diaries and has activated a number of programs including its Creative Writing Camp for the Youth. Through this program, students are given the opportunity to participate in creative writing workshops, book clubs, and literary events. The program also provides access to books and other resources to encourage a love of reading and writing.

Mayor Andre Dickens praised AAMBC’s work, stating, “AAMBC’s youth program is an outstanding example of the positive impact that can be achieved when we invest in our youth. We are thrilled to support their efforts and look forward to seeing the continued success of the program.”

Atlanta Mayor Andrew Dickens

The Year of the Youth Grant will allow AAMBC to expand its program and provide even more resources to Fulton County youth. The organization plans to use the funds to offer additional creative writing workshops, purchase new books, expand its reach to more young people in the community and support the mental health of the next generation of leaders.

For more information on AAMBC’s youth program and other initiatives, please visit their website at www.aambc.org.

Contact: Tamika Newhouse, Founder African Americans on the Move Book Club Email: [email protected]