2022 Black Writers




lit | virtual film fest | Thursday - 130 PM

Join us for a session celebrating Black filmmakers as we highlight 17 films chosen for this year's film festival. 

Author K. McCoy

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Day 1: Friday, August 5, 2022


headquarters + registration | 11-5PM

Location: Constellations | 135 Auburn Ave NE Suite 201, Atlanta, GA 30303


The Harlequin You Don’t Know

Lunchtime- 12-1 PM EST Virtual Panel w/Harlequin

There's a lot more to Harlequin than romance. Harlequin has seven trade fiction imprints that are always looking for talented writers. Learn more about these imprints and their publishing process.

Tamika Newhouse, Black Writers Weekend Director


  • Erika Imranyi, Editorial Director for Park Row Books
  • Carole Dunsmore, Manager of Author Communications and Events with Harlequin
  • Cat Clyne, Editor for HQN Books and Graydon House Books
  • Randy Chan, Senior Marketing Manager, Harlequin

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Cre8tiveCon Sessions | 10-5PM

Location: Auburn Ave. Library - 101 Auburn Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30303

Located on 2nd floor in the library

11-4PM - Pitch Fest

Ready to take your writing career to the next level? Pitch your manuscript or story concept to agents and editors live on site. 

*Bring a one-sheeter describing your project for our panelists to keep

*pitch pass ticket needed

Instructor: Omar Landery, Attorney

11 AM- Masterclass

Law 101 for Creatives w/ The Landery Law 

Is your creative work legally protected? Have you been given a contract to sign and no clue what it entitles you to? Can you confirm that you’ve been appropriately paid for your creative genius? Dive into understanding contracts, copyrights, and the best legal route for your growing brand.

Moderator: Brittany Miller

11:30 AM- Roundtable

Girl Take Care of You Panel


  • Sierrah Chavis
  • Mel Chante'
  • Denise Kelley
w/ Phoenix Williams powered by Ingram Books

12 PM- Masterclass

Let’s Talk About Publishing
In this class, you will learn step-by-step instructions on writing, marketing, and publishing your book in less than four months. Taught by a bestselling author whose last several bestsellers were written in less than a month, this masterclass will make sure you're prepared to release your next book within the next few months.

w/ George Weinstein powered by Atlanta Writers Club

1230 PM- Masterclass

How to Find a Literary Agent

If you want to be published by the Big Five, you need to get a literary agent—but crossing this hurdle is almost as challenging as getting published. Learn the most effective ways to identify agents who are a good fit for your work, how to approach them, and how to convince them that you're their next big client.
Moderator: J. “JC” Carrington

1:15 PM Movie Screening

Meet Bobby Hutley is a director, producer, writer, and editor who began his journey as a filmmaker at the age of ten years old. Upon seeing his knack for storytelling, his teachers began to encourage him to submit short films and mini-docs instead of written assignments.


Instructor: Ardre Orie

1:30 PM Masterclass

Do The Write Thing: Curating A Career in Literature Behind The Pen. 

Moderator: Clarence Miller

2:15 PM Access to Hollywood Panel

For many years Hollywood has been a portal for artists to share their stories and as black creators, having access to Hollywood is our gateway to inspire many with our anecdotes. This truly will allow us to control our narrative, how others view us, and how we view ourselves. This conversation expresses the evolution of Hollywood and the black community


  • Booker T. Mattison -Producer/Writer
  • Maggie Bush - Writer
  • Cas Sigers Beedles
  • Oluwaseun Babalola
Moderator: MiAsia Symone

3 PM Get Scene! A Publicist a Roundtable Talk

Join publicists and social media influencers for a roundtable about being a Black publicist in the industry and how aspiring talent can benefit from having a publicist.


  • Sarah Busby
  • Jonell Whitt 
  • Talia Oliver
  • Ali Roc
Instructor: Nina Fox

3:30 PM Workshop

Adapting Your Story for Stage: Considerations for Theatre

Moderator: Brittani Krystin

4PM Dreaming Out Loud

Explore conversations with Tamika Newhouse and B. Simone as they discuss their journey to mastering their creative careers”. They have used their storytelling abilities to paint realistic and empowering stories about black women and our shared experiences to ignite action in those who choose to manifest their Dreams. 

Audio Storytelling Stage 11-4 PM


10 AM Blogger Cafe

Instructor: Chántelle Adanna

1 PM Workshop

What You Have To Get Them vs. What You Need To Keep Them 
This session is a writer’s crash course in identifying and connecting with your audience’s vulnerabilities. We’ll discuss the process of crafting unique consumer experiences and finding your brand’s voice. We’ll also break down the emotional & mental tactics needed to keep your audience wanting more.

Instructor: Talib Jasir

2 PM Workshop

The Download on Audio Storytelling

This workshop will encourage creatives of all genres and mediums to reimagine their work as engaging and interactive audio. Discover why audio storytelling is a viable market for creatives to reintroduce their work to a new and ever growing audio audience. Join Talib Jasir, Founder of Afros & Audio to explore opportunities for sound immersive audio books or fiction and non-fiction podcasts by writers just like you.

Instructor: Valerie Thompkins

3 PM Workshop

Social Media Content class w/ Valerie Thompkins

Moderator: MiAsia Symone

4 PM Book Girl Magic a Roundtable Talk

Dive into their experience as Black female publishers and editors.


  • Angela Johnson
  • Ardre Orie
  • Kreceda Tyler
  • Chelsea "Sarae" Addison

Urban Book Bash 6-10 PM

Location: Atlantucky - 170 Northside Dr SW suite 96, Atlanta, GA 30313

Terry McMillan tribute | waiting to exhale soundtrack and book swap

*paid ticket holders

Day 2: Saturday, August 6, 2022


headquarters + registration | 11-5PM

Location: Wine Shoe | 339 Nelson St SW, Atlanta, GA 30313

Author Talks

Creative Hub | 11-5PM

Location: Krucial Kuts | 337 Nelson St SW, Atlanta, GA 30313

Moderator: Talib Jasir

1 PM His Story Live Podcast Talk

We explore their place in society and how they use creativity as a vehicle to express their experiences.

With the recent spotlight on Black empowerment, there seems to be a divide between Black men and women; that doesn’t have to exist. This discussion will bring together various perspectives and experiences from Black men who would love nothing more than to be a part of the current movement that seemingly centers on women’s experiences in leadership, entrepreneurship, relationships, etc. “His Story” will highlight Black men who are using their leadership and platforms to elevate Black people as a collective and will cut through the noise of divisiveness and polarization. This timely panel aims to get at the heart of the matter; that we are stronger when we see each other as valuable, worthy, and relevant in our collective efforts to be heard and seen in a society that attempts to silence our voices at all costs.

Powered by Libro.FM


  • Walt Gainer
  • Julian Smart-Rimple
  • Clarence Miller
Moderator: Ki Williams

2 PM | She Writes Roundtable Talk

Amazing storytellers come together to express their expertise as Black Women in the entertainment industry.


  • Karen E Osborne
  • Kendra Hall
  • Susan-Sojourna Collier
  • Shawanda “N’Tyse” Williams
Instructor: Talia Oliver

4 PM | I Am Creative artist talk w/ Wahida Clark

An intimate talk and meet and greet with NY times best-selling author Wahida Clark as we celebrate the release of her 26th book. 

Books & Cocktails Stage powered by Kindle Direct Publishing

Lit Crawl Talks @ Parlor Den | 1-6PM

LocationParlor Den - 249-A Peters St SW, Atlanta, GA 30313

*paid ticket holders

Moderator: Nikesha Elise Williams

1 PM | Say Her Name Panel

This conversation is about healing through our stories. Taking the recent years of police brutality and civil unrest in 2020, we dive into the Black Women’s experience of how we can heal through creative self-expression.


  • Ni’cola Mitchell
  • Wendy Torres
  • Nikki Murphy
  • Nina Fox
Moderator: Christal Jordan

2 PM | Books That Make You Go OOOOO Panel

This conversation is dedicated to romance writers as we highlight their stories and discuss their take on the image of Black love in Black Literature.


  • Denny S. Bryce
  • Nina Fox
  • Tia Williams
  • Jacqueline Stewart
Moderator: Symphony Thompson

3 PM | Creative artist talk w/ Kimberly Jones

An in-depth conversation live about Kimberly Jones's journey in her creative exploration in the production and film industries. Discussing how she handles the ins and outs of almost every aspect in both industries; from writing to producing, and even budgeting. Inspired by her passion for storytelling, Kimberly Jones shares her expertise during this live in-person masterclass.   

Moderator: Symphony Thompson

4 PM | Creative artist talk w/ Darlene McCoy 

Darlene Jenise "McCoy" Johnson, is an American gospel singer, songwriter, author, radio personality, and Christian R&B recording artist. She started her music career, in 2005, with the release of Fallen in Love single by EMI Gospel

Moderator: Walter Gainer II

5 PM | Podcast Listening Party & artists talk

Traces of Mika is a podcast designed for Black girls who Dare to Dream. Season 1 of Traces of Mika was like a mini roller coaster — ups, downs, and all-arounds. You don't quite know what to expect even though you know what to expect. Much like getting on a rollercoaster — you know what you're getting on

PARTY in partnership with GreenLIT ATL

We Are Lit | Rooftop Party 6-10PM

Day 3: Sunday, August 7, 2022


530PM | AAMBC Literary Awards

Location: Frame 88 Studios | 3440 Oakcliff Rd ste 110, Doraville, GA 30340

*paid ticket holders

Honoring Terry McMillan, Tia Williams, Jamila T. Davis, and Greg Street